Through the study of History, students develop some important skills, such as literacy, analysing sources of information, researching and forming an argument. These vital life and academic skills may open many doors to Further and Higher Education and beyond. It is our desire that students will engage with the subject, asking challenging questions and taking a full and active role in exploring the past in order to enrich their learning.

What you will study

At Retford Oaks Academy, students study History for two periods a week at Key Stage 3 and three periods at Key Stage 4

In Year 7, students will study a variety of topics which range from Roman Britain to Medieval England up to the end of the Plantagenet dynasty. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of source analysis and historical investigation as well as chronological understanding. In Year 8 students study early modern British History from the reign of the Tudor dynasty to that of the Stuarts, including a local study of the Pilgrim Fathers. Students undertake an enquiry-based project and develop their ability to critically analyse sources whilst evaluating how interpretations are formed.

In Year 9, students follow British history in the modern period including an analysis of the causes of the First World War to the causes of and impact of the Holocaust. Students also investigate the impact of the Second World War on the Bassetlaw area. GCSE History follows the AQA specification B course set around a study of modern world history. This includes topics ranging from the build up to both World Wars and the interwar period, to a study of Hitler's Germany, to race relations in America in the 1940s to 1960s.

Clubs and Trips

The History department is fully committed to ensuring that students have every opportunity to enrich themselves through the study of History. Year 12 students have previously attended two lecture series, one on the Early Stuart dynasty and one on Stalinist Russia, while Year 13 students visited the University of Sheffield to research their Historical Enquiries. Year 10 students visited the battlefields of the First World War including Ypres and the Somme. Year 9 students visited the Holocaust Centre near Newark, and Year 8 students have worked with undergraduate students from the University of Sheffield on the 'Hand on History' project. Students have also visited Lincoln Castle to view Magna Carta and assess the castle defences. In Year 11, students have the opportunity to attend GCSE revision and booster clubs running twice a week in the lead up to examinations.

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