Students have access to a broad curriculum at Retford Oaks Academy and are supported to make appropriate choices for the future based upon their educational and career aspirations. The diverse range of subjects available enables students to nurture existing talents and develop new skills, all underpinned by solid learning of core skills in Maths, English and Science.

Ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to access a wide and varied curriculum is crucial to engaging young minds. Hard work, excellent behaviour and a commitment to learn are essential requirements for all students. Lessons are developed to be appropriately challenging and are delivered through a variety of methods to engage students with their learning.

Students work in a number of ways to extend and enhance their learning, studying in groups, in pairs, and individually. Home Learning is an essential part of Academy life, and this is always set with a view to developing understanding of topics.

To find out more about specific curriculum areas, please explore the links on the left of this page and to view a full Key Stage 3 Curriculum map and complete list of courses offered at Key Stage 4, click the corresponding links below:

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4 Courses 2017/2018

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