Retford Oaks Academy students are expected to wear their uniform with pride and to reflect the Academy's ethos of excellence. All items of uniform are compulsory and staff will impose necessary sanctions on students where they feel the correct standards have not been met. This relates to all clothing, makeup, jewellery and hair style.

Make up   

No make-up is to be worn in years 7 to 9. 

Year 10 and 11 only, light discreet, natural-looking make-up may be worn. False eyelashes, false nails (or any sort of nail polish) are not allowed to be worn for Health and Safety reasons. The final decision on the appropriateness of any make-up worn remains at the discretion of the Academy and where we deem it to be inappropriate, it will have to be removed.


For Health and Safety reasons, no jewellery except a wrist watch and one pair of small and discrete stud earrings (one in each lobe) is permitted. However, one charity wrist band may be worn. Rings, bangles, chains and necklaces are not permitted. Visible body piercings, tattoos or other body modifications are also not allowed. Students arriving at the Academy with visible piercings will be required to remove them straight away or will be sent home to remedy the situation. Failure to do so may result in loss of unstructured time. Saying “it has to be worn for several weeks whilst it heals” is not an option, neither is covering piercings with a plaster. All jewellery and hidden piercings, including tongue bars/studs, must be removed in PE lessons. 


The Academy expects the highest standards of dress and appearance from its students and reserves the right to decide what is appropriate. The following has proved to be very useful guidance for students and parents. 

  • No bright dyes may be used – only colours which could naturally occur are allowed.
  • No extremely short/shaved hair or fashion cuts, (e.g. patterns or lines), are allowed as we believe these undermine the standards of dress and appearance expected at the Academy.

All items of the uniform are compulsory  

Trousers/skirt - Formal black trousers/Knee length skirt; (no leggings, jeans, skinny or cropped trousers). The Academy reserves the right to determine if a skirt is too short or too tight. For all students, trousers must be of a formal cut, Trousers should be full-length. Excessively flared or narrow/tight-fitting trousers are not allowed. Trousers with patch type pockets/studs similar to jeans are not regarded as suitale for the academy. Fashion belts are not permitted

Shirt - Plain white cotton shirt or blouse with collar. This may be short or long sleeved. This must have a top button which will fasten at the neck to allow a tie to be worn. Shirts should be tucked in at all times. 

Jumper - Black with the Academy logo*

Blazer - Black with the Academy Logo* 

School Tie – School House Tie (Ties are available from the Academy)

*Jumper & Blazer available via www.uniform-direct.com 

Other tops such as cardigans and sweatshirts are not acceptable school wear. 

Footwear in school

Formal black sensible school footwear with no visible logos, no trainers, no leisure or canvas shoes or boots.


We do not allow students to wear trainers or leisure footwear (other than for PE or recreational activities) for school because we believe that this footwear is appropriate for sport or for leisure time, but is not in keeping with the hard-working environment of the classroom or the smart appearance of a school uniform.  

Outdoor Coat: An outdoor coat may be worn to & from school, but it must not have offensive logos. Denim may not be worn. A jumper is not an acceptable alternative.  Coats must be removed as students enter the school and not worn whilst inside the building.  Hats, caps and hooded tops may not be worn inside the Academy buildings


PE kit: All students are expected to have the following:

  • Black Academy polo shirt, which is available from www.uniform-direct.com or their shop at 9 Market Street, Gainsborough DN21 9BL.
  • Black bottoms. All items must be black and subtle branding is allowed. Any items with large branding will not be allowed. These can be:
    • Shorts
    • Tracksuit bottoms
    • Running leggings. These must be sports leggings and not normal leggings. Anyone wearing normal leggings or tights (including sports tights) will be required to wear a pair of shorts over the top of these.
  • Black socks. These must be a change of socks from those worn with the Academy uniform for the remainder of the day when students are not involved in PE lessons. They can be:
    • Football socks (advised for cold weather and outdoor sports in the Autumn and Spring terms)
    • Tennis socks
    • Trainer socks (advised for the Summer term)
  • Trainers. These should not be canvas shoes.

In addition to these compulsory items, students are also permitted to wear the following:

  • Reversible black and gold Academy Rugby shirt, which is available from www.uniform-direct.com or their shop at 9 Market Street, Gainsborough DN21 9BL.
  • Academy ¼ zip jumper, which is available from WWW.UNIFORM-DIRECT.COM or their shop at 9 Market Street, Gainsborough DN21 9BL.
  • Black base layers
  • Plain black rain jacket. This must be suitable for sport (e.g. no large buttons or furry hood). Rain jackets that are not suitable for sport will not be permitted during PE lessons.

Please also be advised that for some sports (e.g. football and rugby) football boots may be more suitable than trainers when PE takes place on the field. For other sports you may wish to purchase your child protective equipment, such as gum shields or shin pads.

Students are expected to bring their PE kit to every lesson, including when they have a note asking for them to be excused from the session. Students arriving to lesson without kit are expected to wear spare kit provided by the PE department. Students not bringing kit to lessons will be sanctioned.  If you have any questions regarding the Academy PE kit please contact ldickinson@retfordoaks-ac.org.uk.



Students must bring a note from home if they are unable to wear the correct uniform (including footwear) for whatever reason. This should explain the problem and suggest how the situation will be quickly remedied. The note should be shown to the Head of House or a Member of the Senior Leadership Team at the start of the day and discussed with their tutor or co tutor at registration. Staff will make appropriate decisions as to how to proceed and this may mean isolation as a means of maintaining standards.
Where a student turns up to school in the wrong uniform and does not bring a note, the school will contact parents and ask them to bring in the correct uniform or arrange for the student to be sent home to change. Where this is impossible a student is likely to be isolated for the day as a way of maintaining high standards of uniform throughout the school.

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