Most students join Retford Oaks Academy from one of our feeder schools at the start of Year 7 and undertake a tailor-made induction programme during their summer term of Year 6.

Each year, we run a Summer School at the Academy to help students with their transition from Year 6 into Year 7, with around 50 students selected by their primary schools to attend. The week long programme includes taster sessions in a variety of enrichment activities which have a literacy and numeracy focus.

There is also an increasing number of students who join from outside of the existing family of schools, and who join us part way through an academic year. We support transition arrangements for each student with a bespoke programme suited to the individual needs of that student.

When the new term starts in September, the Year 10 students mentor any new students who may need extra help. For example, they can help to build up friendships, offer advice on home learning, or support in any other way identified by the individual.

The support infrastructure at the Academy is built on excellent pastoral support. Students will be supported in their House groups, and where appropriate, through the Personalised Learning Team. Our key aim is to make the step into Year 7 as smooth as possible.

For more information, please download our Transition Brochure on the link below:

Transition brochure

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