School Day and Punctuality

The Retford Oaks Academy day is structured as follows:

Description Start Finish
Warning Bell 8:35 8:40
ACME 8:40 8:55
Period 1 8:58 9:48
Change Over 9:48 9:51
Period 2 9:51 10:41
Break 10:41 11:01
DEAR 11:01 11:21
Period 3 11:21 12:11
Change Over 12:11 12:14
Period 4 12:14 13:04
Lunch 13:04 13:47
Period 5 13:47 14:37
Change Over 14:37 14:40
Period 6 14:40 15:30

In line with the high standards of attendance we expect from students, we expect punctuality in arriving for the school day and for individual periods. If a student arrives late to the Academy (after 8:35am), they must attend a 30 minute after-school detention on the Friday which immediately follows.

Throughout the school day, students are expected to carry all the equipment they need in lessons, with the minimum requirement being planner, pencil, pen, rubber, ruler, sharpener and a reading book.

Retford Oaks Academy acknowledges good behaviour and work with our rewards points system. However, there are also sanctions in place for student behaviour deemed to be below expected standards.

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