Personal Development

Every student is encouraged to aspire to do better and to challenge themselves in all aspects of their studies. There is a real drive by all students to succeed, and all individual goals are supported by our staff. This approach to setting and focusing on targets has seen real progress made by students, and attainment in core curriculum subjects such as English and Maths has exceeded the national average at GCSE.

Our Post-16 Centre has received a growing number of applications from Year 11 students on an annual basis showing a thirst for education and further development from Retford Oaks Academy learners. We believe that the values instilled in students during their time at the Academy, coupled with the support they have received, are key drivers in giving individuals the desire to want to achieve even more. 

Progress is measured and celebrated in all areas, not just through examinations. Students achieve excellence through a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including opportunities afforded by the Creative Arts and PE departments. The Academy also has an exceptionally strong record of success as part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme with a number of students achieving the highest level in relation to this. 

The Academy is dedicated to the development of personal skills within all of our students. Our pastoral system, the School Council and our enrichment opportunities all actively contribute toward ensuring this. 

Students who may be vulnerable or have special educational needs make good gains in their academic and personal development because of bespoke planning to meet their individual needs. 

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