Music is a lively and creative subject within the Creative and Expressive Arts Department. Students focus on three main areas: Performing, Composing and Listening and Appraising, allowing them to develop skills as well as develop creativity and confidence.

What will I study?

At Key Stage 3 students focus on developing skills that can be applied to all aspects of music. Students are given the opportunity to work both as individuals and also in groups to develop musical awareness. Keyboard Skills become a focus throughout Year 7 allowing everyone the opportunity to play an instrument. As students' progress through Year 8 and Year 9 they focus on specific styles of music, look at the history of Popular Music, as well as different cultures from around the world.

Key Stage 4 allows students to become more focused on their own musicality as they follow the Edexcel GCSE Music Course. Working on their own instrument, they complete performances, as well as developing entirely new compositions. Students focus on 12 set works that cover both classical and modern music, giving way for in-depth analysis and understanding of music and the composers who created each set work.


Students have the opportunity to learn an instrument with private music teachers who visit the school to give individual specialised lessons. Instruments range across all disciplines of Vocals, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Piano and Strings.

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