Retford Oaks Academy accepts no responsibility for mobile devices if brought onto the site. All students must look after their own property and use any device responsibly and within the Academy’s guidelines.

Mobile phones/electronic devices are not to be out or used except in the following circumstances:

  • If students are given permission by staff to use them in lessons
  • If students are in the dining room at breakfast time, break or lunchtime
  • If students are outside at breakfast time, break or lunchtime

Students are not permitted to have their phones/tablets/iPods etc whilst in corridors or outside the building during lesson changeover time.

In the event of a student being caught with a mobile phone out or in use at a restricted time or place, the device will be confiscated and handed in to a House Office where it will be stored in a secure place. It will be returned to the student at an agreed time. However, should this happen on more than one occasion, we will require a parent/ responsible adult with explicit permission, to collect the item from the Academy.

We respectfully ask all parents not to call their children during lessons as this immediately puts the student in the wrong when answering the call. If parents need to contact their children, this should be done only during break (10.50am to 11.10am) and during lunch (12.55pm to 1.45pm). In emergencies the Academy school office staff or House Office will be able to deliver a message to your child within two minutes.

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