Mission and Values

Our Academy’s ethos is built on four key values which are at the heart of everything we do. These values are:


Respect shapes everything we do and say, and shapes how we act. The Academy is centred on respect for each other, our environment and ourselves.


We seek to enable everyone to grow within our learning community. We work together; we learn together. We strive moving towards achieving our targets, both in and out of the classroom, in a safe, secure environment.


We are committed to constantly developing innovative practices and embracing technology to enhance the high quality teaching and learning we offer to all of our students. 


We challenge our students to aspire to achieve above and beyond what they think is possible. We also have a responsibility to challenge others where they fail to meet our expectations.

Students, staff and all who enter our Academy community are encouraged to embrace these values and commit to them during their time at Retford Oaks Academy.

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