Through the study of Geography, students will develop independent enquiry skills. They are encouraged to use these to explore and investigate key issues which affect the modern world through a mixture of Human and Physical Geography. Students develop ICT skills, data handling skills, debating and thinking skills, together with decision making techniques.

What you will study

Students study Geography for two periods a week at Key Stage 3 and three periods at Key Stage 4. In Year 7, students cover a diverse number of enquiry based topics which range from developing map-reading and atlas skills, to the study of why settlements develop and spread.

In Year 8, students study the growth of tourism in Britain and the wider world. They examine a naturally occurring landform such as Niagara Falls, whilst also studying the water cycle, the course of a river, weather and climate, and environmental issues.

Students engage in an intense study of four different nation states throughout Year 9. These include enquiries into the Brazilian rainforests and the Australian Great Barrier Reef; an investigation into Japan and the natural phenomenon of a Tsunami; a study of Kenya.

GCSE Geography follows the OCR Specification B course. This enables students to investigate the four key geographical themes of natural hazards, population and settlements, rivers and coasts and economic development. There is also a fieldwork enquiry project which requires students to study urban redevelopment in Sheffield.

Clubs and Trips

Staff ensure that students have every opportunity to enrich themselves through the study of Geography. There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities both within the Academy and externally. There is a Humanities Club and a homework club with a regular revision booster sessions that run twice a week from Easter onwards.

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