Students are given the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills within a high quality Drama curriculum. Responding to different topics and performance, Drama provides an opportunity for students to express themselves through a creative medium, learn vital team skills and appreciate the art form.

What you will study

Students in Years 7 to 9 are able to develop complex characters within a range of different disciplines. Gradually building confidence, speech, and communication skills, students perform structured stories based upon a variety of stimuli. Students are given the opportunity to explore wider social issues and make links with other curriculum areas. They also learn about the variety of skills required of a performer and how to use accurate terminology to reflect upon their work and the work of others. All students explore styles such as Mime, Mask Work and Commedia del’ Arte and build on their knowledge of dramatic conventions to develop skilled pieces of Theatre. 

Year 10 and 11 students are encouraged to develop their skills further, developing a more sophisticated style of Drama. Students follow the OCR GCSE specification which gives them the freedom to create their own devised work using the skills they have acquired. Moving into Year 11, students will cover two popular theatrical works, performing extracts from one and completing an examination based on the other play. Students are encouraged to develop as team players and as individual performers. Access is given to curriculum enrichment activities to improve performance skills, enabling students to excel as performers.


The CEA department also run a variety of clubs and have produced successful musicals including ‘Joseph’. There are several lunchtime and after-school activities which run in the Creative Expressive Arts department. The CEA department works collaboratively towards various shows and productions which take place in school and throughout the wider community.

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