Students in Key Stage 3 Dance are able to use complex movement patterns based on different dance styles, which allows them to refine their technical and expressive skills. Students are able to work to different accompaniments to show sensitivity to the style and create dances using key terminology to communicate the ideas and meanings. Students also view professional works and analyse and interpret the performances, improving their skills to recognise cultural and historical contexts of dance forms.

What you will study

In Key Stage 4, students have the opportunity to follow the AQA GSCE Dance course made up of 80% practical work, plus a 20% Theory Exam. Students study two professional works as well as performing solos and group pieces. They finish with a dance piece which they choreograph themselves based on a stimulus. Students also study features such as aural and physical settings in dance to develop their knowledge and understanding for written work


There are weekly dance clubs for Key Stage 3 students in street dance and cheerleading, alongside a boys break dance club. We also have a Gifted and Talented dance group called 'Believe the Hype' which continues to grow in popularity and number, year on year.

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